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The Swedish title "Slitningar" is in this case difficult to translate, but perhaps "frictions" or "wear" or "torn" or a mix of the meanings of these words can act as a translation. The title does not aim at the cracks in a sidewalk, or the wear and tear on a pair of jeans, nor the lack of communication between a doctor and an insurance company. It's rather aimed at inner wills that tugs at ones heart. Wills toiling in different directions, thus preventing a decision and a choice. In the piece, we follow three main wills in a struggle and eventually they cancel each other out. What remains is only an anguish (the desire not to choose), and then – nothing. Zanganeh Quartet: Brusk Zanganeh, violin. Emma Nyman, violin. Samuel Runsteen, viola. Björn Risberg, cello. Video by Alfred Matérn.

A few selected works with video

Fröken Julie, 2013 (Additional composer)

A beautiful and bold new adaptation of Strindberg's classic battle of the sexes play set on a Midsummer's night in a rustic mansion in 1920s Europe, directed by Mikael Berg. Credited as a composer of additional music I was, together with film music composer Mark Ambervill, responsible for the parts where Miss Julie loses her mind and enters a psychotic state. We called this track Rymdskrot (Space trash) just because we thought the music sounded like junk hovering around in space uncontrollably. The film was broadcasted in Swedish television (SVT) as well as in various cinemas. This is just the trailer (not including my soundtrack), but you can watch the whole thing here and read more here.

Olivia, String Arrangement 

Troubadour and poet Arvid Nero asked me to write music for string quartet as an arrangement for his song Olivia. In a more freely built form like this, with longer instrumental passages than in the more common pop song, one can afford to let the strings really act out and make an important influence on the song as an whole, without interfering with the vocals or other important parts of the music.

The strings are played by Brusk ZanganehSamuel RunsteenEmma Nyman, and Björn Risberg.

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